Spread the Gloom at GenCon 2016!

Break up the delightment and joy of GenCon 2016 with a little bit of Gloom! Come drop by and say hi to the Atlas crew and COO, Jeff Tidball! They'll be there to answer questions on Gloom: Digital Edition and the ongoing Kickstarter. They'll also be showing gameplay footage.

If that wern't enough, make sure to stick around for the Second Annual Very Gloomiest Afternoon Tea Party. Be there, Saturday, at 2:00 pm and get your very own taste of Gloom... literally!

Lastly, we have 9 days left on our Kickstarter and need all of your continued support. #SpreadtheGloom to family and friends and don't forget to earn awesome backer rewards by pledging HERE!!!



PLEDGE HERE and #SPREADTHEGLOOM. The Gloom: Digital Edition Kickstarter is 53% complete with 13 days to go. So far we've raised $40,200 of our $75,000 goal. The support has been amazing but we need a strong two weeks to make Gloom: Digital Edition a reality! That's where you come in! Please continue to pledge and spread the word about the Kickstarter. The crew at Sky Ship Studios is dying to bring this game to you, and we'll need all hands on deck! PLEDGE HERE and we'll see you at the finish line!



Gloom Kickstarter Update and Facebook Badges!!

The Kickstarter for Gloom: Digital Edition has reached 600 backers in under a week! With your support we've completed 37% of our goal in the first six days! Help us keep that momentum going by SPREADING THE GLOOM via Facebook, Twitter and good ole word of mouth, and help us make Gloom: Digital Edition a reality!  

And while on Facebook be the envy of all your friends with these frightfully fantastic, Facebook badges! Just click the link and follow the directions to display your Gloom: Digital Edition pride to the world!

Gloom, Facebook Badge!!



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