Updated Gallery!

Hello Gloomizens! 

If you haven't been checking us out on Facebook or Twitter you've been missing some devilishly delightful displays of Gloom: Digital Edition! So, if you missed any of that content head on over to the media section and check out our updated gallery with screenshots from the game!

As we get closer to announcing our release we've been working on synching up the voice overs for the characters and making sure that their mouths, snouts and... brains (looking at you Lord Slogar) are all in sync with whatever phrases/emotions the characters are conveying. We've also been working on various store icons and banners for the different storefronts that we plan to launch on.

Until next time, keep it tuned here for all the Gloom: Digital Edition and our big, release date announcement!

Stay Gloomy!


Gloom In The News!

Hello Gloomizens!

The fine folks over at Gamerati showcased Gloom: Digital Edition in their most recent news update! Check out a round up of some of our big announcements as of late! 

Check out the video HERE!



Introducing The Born Family & Asmodee Partnership!

Hello Gloomizens,


We’ve got some big news to share!


We are happy to announce that Sky Ship Studios has partnered with Asmodee.net to bring Gloom: Digital Edition to their multiplayer platform!! Asmodee.net is one of the premiere platforms focused on bringing the best tabletop experiences to the digital realm. Asmodee’s library includes Ticket to Ride, Small World and Memoir’44. With Gloom: Digital Edition joining the ranks you’ll be able to share your misery and sorrow amongst a massively established online user base of tabletop enthusiasts!


Still not satisfied!? Well, how about introducing you to a brand new family exclusive to Gloom: Digital Edition! Everyone, meet the Born Family!


The Born’s were created for one of our backers who had the utmost support for our project. Working closely with him and his family we created the Borns who have a heavy theme on airborne travel! We can’t wait for you to take your misery and suffering to the skies. We’re pretty sure that by the time you’re done with them, they won’t be smiling!


For a closer look at the Born family visit the Families page and, as always, thanks again for all of the support!


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